Scripture Journaling 101

Scripture Journaling is the newest thing in scripture study- it's great for so many reasons!

  • Personalize your scriptures
  • Let out your artistic side
  • Add color and beauty to your scriptures
  • Familiarize and memorize scriptures as you color them
And that's just the coloring for grown-ups!
  • Help kids and teens memorize scriptures- either just for themselves and their spiritual growth, or to help them memorize scriptures as a part of Primary, YW/YM, or Seminary programs.
  • Help missionaries study the Preach My Gospel Manual and get the most use out of it, making the PMG manual an even more effective missionary tool.
  • Help Institute-aged students as they study - either for Institute of Religion, or for actual college credit if they're going to a Church school.
  • Print off coloring pages to take for quiet, appropriate Sabbath contemplation- whether for your own kiddos in Sacrament meeting, or for the class you teach, these will give your kids something to focus on as you teach the lesson.
  • Print off coloring pages for your YW/YM groups (I know guys are less likely to color, lol, but STILL!) as handouts and enrichment.
  • Print off coloring pages for your missionaries, college students, Relief Society ladies, etc.
A quick word on licensing Austie Bost Scripture Journaling products...
  • The licenses I sell are for personal use only, not for commercial use.  This means YOU can print them off, but you can't transfer or sell the license to a friend.  If someone else wants to print off a copy or two, please use your discretion... This is how I earn extra money to buy clothes for my kids, how I fund homeschool outings, how I buy little necessities for myself.  I priced the licenses low enough that anyone can get them.  :)  I truly appreciate your personal integrity!
  • You can't alter the images digitally.  You CAN resize the images, printing them as large or as small as you like.
  • You can't resell my work on your own website, and of course, you can't claim my work as your own artwork (the coloring, absolutely!!).
  • Because this is a digital product, I can't offer refunds, as a rule.  However, if you feel you need a refund, please contact me and I will be as flexible as possible.  :)  I want you to be happy!
What can you DO with Austie Bost Scripture Journaling?

I'm glad you asked!  I have created two different widths of artwork.  There's the "Bookmark" size that comes at a default 8.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide.  There's the "Large Size" illustration that comes in at 8.5 inches tall and 5.6 inches wide.  The Large Size was inspired by my mom's large scriptures- she wanted her illustrations to fill the whole page, and you know, the whole "Honor Thy Parent" commandment, lol!  The great thing about these is that while they come in default sizes, you can size them.

Here are some pictures of the same graphic, sized.  I printed the PDF file (it prints more clearly) at 100%, 75%, and 50%.  If you wanted to increase the size, you could, but it will take some experimenting.  :)

This first set of images is the Bookmark Size- you can see it's narrow.  I personally love this size at the 75% printing (the one in the middle) for my scriptures- I cut the image to leave a small margin to glue into the binding of my scriptures and I can customize how far it comes out.  I've also used the 100% quite a lot to make bookmarks.  My daughter loves the bookmark at 100% and has about 10 bookmarks she's colored and placed into her Book of Mormon- it's cluttered, but hey!  She's nine, so as she finds herself...  lol
This is the full width "Large Size."  We have used these for so many things- the 100% Large Size fits nicely with the large scriptures, the 75% fits into my regular scriptures, and the 50% fits in the small travel size scriptures.

 So here... I wanted to give you an idea of the size once they're cut out and actually placed into the scriptures...  These are the standard size scriptures.  :)

 These are the three same sizes in the Large Size set:

Finally, what are some uses for these coloring pages?  We have come up with some really cute (but meaningful) ways to display the artwork!

This is from my friend Kristi (here's HER ETSY SHOP, please go visit!!).  She used super cute Washi tape to adhere her illustration in place.

I colored in this one- it's the 100% bookmark size in my standard quad.  I cut the edges with our "fancy" scrapping scissors and mounted it on construction paper, easy peasy.  :)  I have begun laminating these for a greater endurance!

This is the 75% bookmark size I mentioned above- I colored it in and actually GLUED the illustration into the binding of my quad.  It fits SO GREAT, adding beauty, color, and meaning to my scriptures, but it's not as invasive as something wider.
 These are my mom's scriptures- she bought some AMAZING glitter gel pens- like they ACTUALLY have a glittery finish!!  They look amazing and she has glued these permanently into her large scriptures.  She has several glued in now and her scriptures seriously look like a modern-medieval illustrated manuscript!  I owe my mom a LOT- she has helped me stay focused on which scriptures she likes and wants illustrated.  :) :)  She's also colored in many illustrations for advertising purposes.  (Thanks, mom!!)

This is a neat one- she bought a free-standing clear plastic frame from a large retail store (if they PAY me, I have no shame in name dropping, lol).  She said it was a dollar!  We put it at our kitchen table, and it has made the loveliest addition to mealtime.  Her intent is to rotate a few through, which I love, because it brings attention back when there's something fresh to look at.  :)

I've also done a door hanger (my son promptly claimed it for his bedroom door, how cute is that), a grieving card for a friend who lost his wife, and my next fun thing I'm going to do is print the illustration on CANVAS and use WATERCOLOR pencils and actually use those!  I'm super excited for that.  :)

So there you go!  Scripture Journaling in a nutshell!

And now that you know you NEED some of these illustrations, here's my ETSY SHOP LINK.  :)

If you're interested in Commercial usage of these fonts, please drop me an email and we'll talk- austinlowens at gmail dot com.  :)