About Me & Contact Information

My name is Austin Owens!  I am a quirky, slightly flaky, wife of one, mom of three, and an artist.  I'm not the best artist in the world, but I figure I can take the title since art is one of my favorite things to do and since I get paid for it.  :)

I have sold my art through Clearly Digi Stamps (now closed), and I have done art for fonts, collaborating with Kimberly Geswein fonts.  Fonting and lettering are a particular passion of mine.  (Read: I'm OBSESSIVE about lettering!).  I released MY first font on 13 December 2012.  I released my first Scripture Journaling illustration in April 2016

When I'm not inking out a new design or working on digitizing it, I'm math tutoring, hanging out with an amazing husband, chasing my kidlets, feeding them, loving them and picking up after them (!!!).  :)

Click HERE to learn more about my faith!

Welcome to Austie Bost Fonts & Digital Art

Austin Owens
Google Voice #: 678.242.9357 (I'm never at my phone- text me instead, please)