29 March 2016

2 Nephi 2:8 - Scripture Journaling

Are you scripture journaling yet??  :)  If you're not, you should be!  Scripture journaling is a recent fad in studying scriptures- Really most of the material that's out there is Bible-related.  That's great, but what about studying the Book of Mormon, or studying other books of scripture!  There's not much out there.  :)  I'm working on changing that- I'm working my way through the Preach My Gospel manual, pulling out scriptures and key words.  For now, I'm making bookmarks, but I'll expand the illustrations to include printables that can be printed on vellum and actually inserted into your scriptures!  How cool is that!!

In the meantime, grab these- they're $1, which is super affordable... it gives you unlimited printing capacity!  You can use these in classes you teach, for your own personal enjoyment, as gifts for your missionary... There are so many uses!  (I recommend asking friends and not-immediate family to purchase their own license- this is how I am earning a living, after all.  :) )

Here's the latest!  There are so many more to come!

This one was particularly fun to color!  My daughter colored one, too:

Go get yours, already!

To see just this product, go HERE.

To see my entire Etsy store, including fonts for sale, go HERE.

Have a wonderful day!  :)