29 March 2016

1 Nephi 8:12 - Scripture Journaling

Happy Monday!!

I am really excited about this new line of Scripture Journaling that I'm offering through the Austie Bost name!

See that bookmark?  That's an example of the new Scripture Journaling movement!  It's so fun to color while studying- Right now I'm working my way through Preach My Gospel!  These come in "Bookmark Size," which is 2.5 inches by 8.5 inches.

They're perfect for coloring as you memorize scriptures, for making into Visiting Teaching cards, for giving to kiddos to color during Sacrament meeting... so many uses.  :)

This is what it looks like (with a watermark, of course) upon download!  It comes in .PDF and in .JPEG (the resolution is best as a PDF) files...  They're priced affordably at $1 per download.  :)

Awh, there's my cutie daughter, holding her freshly colored bookmark!

This is the first of MANY scripture inserts to come!  Kindly go to THIS LINK and take a look!