14 October 2015

Austie Bost Juliana

It's a new font, it's a new font!

First, regarding the cover image for this font!  My new friend Sara went through and reviewed the letters of the font for me-- the shape, the readability, the consistency in design... She gave me some pieces of advice, all helpful, but the most helpful thing she did for me was to NAME the font!  She said, "I'm totally partial and biased but Juliana is my favorite name."  Well, that was that!  I wish I could have named it "Juliana's Favorite," but the apostrophe thing doesn't work with font titles.  :)

So this additionally featured font cover is for her- for her help and... awesomeness!  :)

This next graphic is in French, the lyrics to La Vie en Rose, a sweet love song.  It's always good to see a few accents to get a theme of what these accented letters look like!  :)  Plus, it shows spacing, how the characters blend together.  :)

The image I used for Juliana... I found it online!  I typed in Juliana and this completely joyful face popped up!  And that was that.  :)  I had to use it.  It was so HAPPY!  I began thinking of her as "Joyful Juliana," and then used that idea to come up with descriptive words for happy... I was going to do my usual synonym mishmash, but then decided to go a foreign languages route!  :)

This is my favorite graphic- it really shows the neatness of the font (and it shows some of my super fun Austie Bost Arrow Mania arrows!).  I think I'm going to have to add to Juliana at some point and add some flourishes and cute underlines!  :)

And finally, what you really want to know is this... How MUCH?  :)  This font will be on sale through roughly the end of December 2015.  The sale price is $5, half off of the sticker price.  :)  Get it while it's hot (and CHEAP!).  :) 

FREE for personal use at DaFont.com

LOW-COST for commercial use at Fontspring.com.  :)

You can download this font RIGHT NOW at 1001 Fonts.com  :)