24 August 2015

Generic Word (.docx) Reminders

This cute Reminders page (four to a page) is just an easy, quick download to use if you're in a hurry (like I always am).

Here's a screen shot of my reminders going out on the 2nd of September!
I used Austie Bost There For You and Austie Bost Descriptions fonts for this reminder.  :)
This is what this year's calendar looks like- click to download a copy- it's an ambitious schedule, but doable!  It includes a sample welcome letter, and the last page is a list of at-home tasks for parents to do that I just can't do the way our pack is set up.  :)  Notice that homework and reminders are built in.

This is set up for an LDS pack if you notice the April/May timeframe Duty to God requirements.  It wouldn't take a lot to replace these with your own group's requirements.  Enjoy!

Sneak Peek Sample:

Things to Take on a Campout, and Half Hitches!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this yet (it's late!), but this year, to help keep boys focused on learning, I am having them JOURNAL!  I am doing a lot of fill-in-the-blanks, lots of award-like pages, and lots of illustrations (and chances for them to illustrate!).

Because of the new program and all of the great hands-on components, I am sending regular homework and reminder papers- I am hoping it will work!  If it doesn't... I could be foiled!  :)

Here's the journal paste-in for things to take on a campout, and the illustration and signature space for half hitch knots.  Enjoy!

(This is what the half-hitch page looks like)

Cub Scouts: Pocketknives and the Whittling Chip

Okay, all of you Den Leaders!  New year, new program!  Last week, we covered the types of pocketknives, filled in a paper about them, and then signed a promise.  Here's the PDF!  This is a sample of the pledge.  :)  Enjoy!

09 August 2015

Cub Scouts 2015!

We're getting ready to start cub scouts here in the states-- the school year here in Atlanta, Georgia is TOMORROW!  And the week after that is our first week of cubs.  :)  I am the bear leader, and in getting reminders and docs ready for my boys' parents, I couldn't find any good black and white BEAR illustrations!  If you can use this, go for it!  It's free!  Just right-click, save as, and you're good to go.  I'm posting both the .jpg and the .png files.  :)  Enjoy!