10 September 2015

Cesar Chavez, Screwdrivers, and Soap Carvings

So... I was out of town last week and my substitute did a different lesson... because... my sweet family gave her the WRONG BAG!  :)  She got a magnifying glass and was mystified... and my lovely green-and-white striped bag was still beautifully preserved, sitting right where I had left it!

So my calendar is now a week off and I have ZERO time to go through and update all of the dates!

That said, here's the lesson for next Wednesday, 16 September, originally scheduled for "today" (since it's past midnight, technically... you know...).  And that midnight thing?  It's 1:30pm as I get ready to click Publish... and I realized that I didn't use one single cute font on this batch!  That's kind of the point of this blog, LOL!  Well, enjoy the ever-classic Garamond on these handouts and paste-ins, ha!

Fill-in-the-blank about Cesar Chavez

(sample image)

Cesar Chavez homework (boys must talk to parents about what they learned)

(sample image)

This is a cute graphic for "Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey."  I found it HERE, and put it into a PDF so it's easy to cut'n'paste for journals.

(sample image)

Finally, we're going to do soap carvings!  We're going to review the most important knife safety rules from TWO WEEKS AGO and then we're going to jump in and carve using pocketknives!  Here's a graphic to spark the boys' imaginations!  

(sample image)
(samples found HERE, HERE, and HERE)

I expect to be setting up a tent with the boys on the 30th (this lesson is on the 16th, the week after that is pack meeting, so the tent is the 30th)... Since I don't own a tent and it SEEMS the boys don't have tents at home... I sent an email to our women's group to see if anyone had a tent we could set up!  Neat, right??