16 September 2015

How to Change Your Facebook Friends Settings!

By popular demand, I am posting how to see what you want to see on Facebook... and no more than that!  It takes some effort at first, but after a little while, it's maintenance.

1. Facebook now has three settings for each friend on your list...

This is my sweet sister-in-law, Tabitha's page.  The first setting is "SEE FIRST."  I picked this for Tabitha because I love stalking her  knowing what's going on in her life.  Whatever she posts will show up at the top of my feed- my "See First" people are my top priority.

The second setting is "DEFAULT."  This means that Facebook will perform whatever algorithm they use to determine what you'll see after your priority posts.

The third setting is "UNFOLLOW ..."  If you're friends with someone and you love them but just don't want to know what they're up to, this option is for that friend.

2. You can choose what you see from your friends, even your priority list friends!

This graphic will cover four different elements:
#1: That blue star?  That shows that Ashley is marked as a "See First" person.  It's helpful because if you see someone and you think, "Hmm, I wonder if I have them marked as a priority," you can tell at a glance.  :)

#2: The little upside-down carrot- it's what you click to open the menu.  Sometimes, Facebook HIDES IT.  It's invisible... so if that is the case at some point for you, level your mouse with the person's name, and move to the right of their post... when you get to the right, the carrot should become visible.  Another helpful note- if you are on a DEVICE, like a cell phone, a Kindle, an iPad, etc., the memory it takes to open this menu is prohibitive, and sometimes it will seem like the carrot doesn't even work.  It's not that it doesn't work in your app, it's because your device doesn't have enough memory to open it.  I recommend using Facebook on a desk- or laptop when you're sorting posts, if possible- it will help a good deal.

#3: This is a HUGE, BIG DEAL.  That hide post button?  It's HUGE!!!!  If you have someone marked as "See First," or as "Default," you are going to see every little thing they do.  When you click HIDE POST, it gives you a new menu to choose from:

The first thing that happens is that Facebook will actually HIDE the post, replacing it with this gray box.
#1: You can choose to See less from someone (Erin, sorry, I really did like your owl post!).  If you do that, THIS happens:

The gray box reduces and you'll start seeing fewer of that friend's posts...  You will also have the option to Unfollow that friend... and this is nice because as you sort through your feed, you don't actually click on the person and go to their profile page, you can just unfollow them straight from this point here.

Back to our graphic:
This is my personal favorite.  I LIKE seeing stuff from Erin.  She posts good stuff.  If you click "See less from..." and it's a shared photo or video, Facebook will start hiding the photos and videos that person is sharing... even if they're more personal and something you want to see.  So the trick here is... if you WANT to see a person's photos/videos/forwards, but you find a certain kind of forward uninteresting or offensive, click "See less from..." In this case, "See less from Nova 100."  When you click THAT, you'll see this screen:

This screen is GOLDEN.  Your friend keeps playing games and the game posts a level on their behalf?  HIDE THE GAME.  If take it further than just seeing FEWER posts, if I click "Hide all from Nova 100," I will never see another post from Nova 100 ever again.  BOOM, cleaner feed.  Here's a hint- if it's a game, app, group, or page that the person has clicked on, click the bottom of the two options... the top option should be the person's name, the second is the specific app (etc.), and the bottom option should be the COMPANY who PUBLISHES the app...  THAT'S the one you want to get rid of because it will clear out potentially dozens of apps (etc.) all in one quick click.

Okay, back to this step one more time...

#3: If you just want to hide that ONE post and never see it again, but you don't want to get rid of future images from Erin, and you don't want to get rid of future posts from Nova 100, you can simply click the X and it will hide this menu box... and you're ready to move on through your feed.

Back to the second image!  We're almost done!

So, we've covered the blue star, the carrot, and every instance of what can happen with hiding the post... finally, we have

#4: Turn off notifications.  Sometimes I'll click LIKE or I'll COMMENT on something... and then 700 other people also comment or click like... and I'm notified every time.  If that happens, I get to a point where I don't really want to see the post any more... so in that case, I can click, "Turn off notifications," and it'll stop numbering among my notifications.  You can also turn notifications ON for a post!  If you're not already following the post but you want to, you can click on the carrot, and it will say "Turn on notifications."  Click that and you're instantly in the loop with any updates on that post.

A word on ADVERTISING on Facebook... they also have those carrots, and you can open a menu and HIDE ADS!!  Some ads are relevant and I like them!  Like a super cute math shirt about fractions, I loved that.  But 99% of the ads that pop up on my feed are irrelevant and a waste of my brain power... and then you never have to see those ads ever again because they will be hidden forever.

I will try to find images of different scenarios to post below... I clean up my Facebook feed a little bit every time I use Facebook... and it's probably obvious that the more friends you follow, the longer it will take to clean up and maintain.  It's so worth it though- it saves me so much time going through my feed.

Post if you have questions, and good luck!  Enjoy your fresher, less cluttered, WAY more relevant Facebook feed!


> Click the CARROT
> Click "Hide all from US Uncut."

> Click the carrot
> Click "See less from Kristi,"
DONE!  Any time Kristi posts in a group you're not a member of, you won't see it.  :)

Sometimes it's fun to see these... most of the time I hide them.
> Click on the carrot
> Click Hide post
> Click "See less from Jessica..."

You have two options here...
You can click "Hide post" like we've seen before, and see less from Alexa... but here's what I do...

> Click on the carrot
> Click "Hide all from Jade" (or the person who posted to your friend's timeline, of course)
DONE!!  You will never see anything from Jade ever again.  :)


Janette most posts great stuff... but I can't stomach disturbing photos, so I hide them... because I like Janette's stuff, but I DON'T like this post, I will choose "Hide all from David..."

> Click carrot
> Click "Hide all from David."
DONE!  Disturbing photo gone, and I just prevented other probable disturbing photos from showing up in my feed in the future.  :)

10 September 2015

Cesar Chavez, Screwdrivers, and Soap Carvings

So... I was out of town last week and my substitute did a different lesson... because... my sweet family gave her the WRONG BAG!  :)  She got a magnifying glass and was mystified... and my lovely green-and-white striped bag was still beautifully preserved, sitting right where I had left it!

So my calendar is now a week off and I have ZERO time to go through and update all of the dates!

That said, here's the lesson for next Wednesday, 16 September, originally scheduled for "today" (since it's past midnight, technically... you know...).  And that midnight thing?  It's 1:30pm as I get ready to click Publish... and I realized that I didn't use one single cute font on this batch!  That's kind of the point of this blog, LOL!  Well, enjoy the ever-classic Garamond on these handouts and paste-ins, ha!

Fill-in-the-blank about Cesar Chavez

(sample image)

Cesar Chavez homework (boys must talk to parents about what they learned)

(sample image)

This is a cute graphic for "Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey."  I found it HERE, and put it into a PDF so it's easy to cut'n'paste for journals.

(sample image)

Finally, we're going to do soap carvings!  We're going to review the most important knife safety rules from TWO WEEKS AGO and then we're going to jump in and carve using pocketknives!  Here's a graphic to spark the boys' imaginations!  

(sample image)
(samples found HERE, HERE, and HERE)

I expect to be setting up a tent with the boys on the 30th (this lesson is on the 16th, the week after that is pack meeting, so the tent is the 30th)... Since I don't own a tent and it SEEMS the boys don't have tents at home... I sent an email to our women's group to see if anyone had a tent we could set up!  Neat, right??