19 February 2014

Cute Graphics!

I mentioned in my previous post that I am doing a quick presentation on food storage—here are two graphics I did to accompany the presentation! 



You can download them by e-mailing me at austinlowens@gmail.com!  It is $1 for PRO use, and my PayPal account is the same as my e-mail.  Be sure to mark “Preserves” in the notes section, and your license is your receipt. 

Austie Bost Wibbly


Happy new font!  This is my most recent font, and it’s one of my favorites in a long time! 



Wibbly in action!  This is for a PowerPoint presentation I’m doing this coming Thursday!  Smile:)

Using Wibbly in PowerPoint

18 February 2014

Austie Bost Somersaults


This is a new, cute font!  I will admit, it has taken me forever to post this on the blog, but the GOOD news is that the personal AND pro versions are all up and ready!


To download this font for FREE, go to DaFont.com

To download this font for low-cost PRO USE, go to Fontspring.com

07 February 2014

Manitou Beads


I made a friend when I sold this font—Shaula Zink works with raw stones, cuts them, polishes them, makes them into gorgeous jewelry.  She has a great sense of humor, that’s what originally drew me to her.  Now, after a few months, her website is up and running, ready with her gorgeous, natural offerings!  Please go take a look at her site!