12 August 2014

Austie Bost Envelopes

If you'd like to skip all of the complicated stuff (but maybe miss out on an introductory sale), you can donate $25 for this font on PayPal.com.

I am so pleased to announce that my newest font, Austie Bost Envelopes, is ready for distribution!

It comes with some arrows... that are a precursos for a whole webdings font full of some adorable arrows that I have all sitting there just waiting for a home!

I need to offer a HUGE SHOUTOUT to Kristi of I Should Be Mopping the Floor and to Trisha of Black and White Obsession for their help from beginning to end with this font!  You can thank Kristi for the cute arrows in the font, and Trisha expecially helped make everything legible, even in small print!  Thanks, ladies!!