25 June 2014

Austie Bost Versailles

Look!!  A new font!!  I am happy to release Austie Bost Versailles!  I'm tempted to stop writing anything about the new fonts I release because I end up gushing with each one.  :)  But I fall in love with each of my fonts as I create them... So gush I will!  And here's the poster as I shush.  :)

This is my favorite feature of this new font!  Swash away by using the ¯¬ strokes! (U+00AC & U+00AF)

06 June 2014

Austie Bost On a Whim

So!  A new font!  I am so excited to offer such a fun, whimsical font!  It's classy and fun, quirky and still sophisticated.  Scroll below for some uses!  

To purchase this font, which is EXCLUSIVELY offered through Fontspring.com, CLICK HERE.


I want to offer a belated THANK YOU to Kristi from I Should Be Mopping the Floor!  Kristi was a huge support in getting this font created--it was my first time reaching out to a font afficionado for as-you-go advice and input.  Kristi helped with pointing out consistencies and making letter differences!

01 June 2014

Working, working, working.....

I am very excited about a number of fonts in the works... right now, right this minute, I'm working on sorting some calligraphy samples to make a new connected calligraphy font.....  we shall see how long it takes!  This is what a font "embryo" looks like in the very early stages...

Find samples I like... draw them out in Illustrator... sort everything... fill in the gaps... :

Comments?  What do you think about some of the samples?