14 October 2013

Austie Bost Toy Chest

I originally created Austie Bost Kitten Klub… my goodness, that was a while ago!


It has done really well… it had had consistent downloads and when things are quiet with my fonts, it’s always in the top two performers.  So it made sense to tweak the font and release it with a different name, with different features!  Therefore, I am happy to present Austie Bost Toy Chest!


It’s a super cute font with the look and feel of Kitten Klub, BUT the paw prints have been removed.  :)  My husband has given me instructions that I need to tweak this font one more time… we’ll see about that!  :)  I have a couple of ideas floating around up there!  :)

Now I have to hurry and post this… my baby just woke up and it’s time to sleep after we get him back to sleep!

The clipart is for sale at TeachersPayTeachers.com…

The font is FREE for personal use at Dafont.com… and

The font is available to purchase for commercial use at Fontspring.com!

12 October 2013

Austie Bost Bumblebee

This cute little font was so much fun to make!  I worked at it and couldn’t find a good name for it… until I stumbled upon this cute poem:

And then I knew I had the perfect name.  :)  The artwork that goes along with this is for sale (very inexpensively) at Teachers Pay Teachers!


The font is available FREE for personal use at dafont.com!

The font is available for low-cost professional use at fontspring.com!

08 October 2013

Austie Bost All My Love

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new font!  It turned out so well!  If you’ve wondered why it’s taken me so long to put out a new font, maybe the complexity of this font will answer that question.  :)  And maybe having an almost five-month-old baby has something to do with it, too, haha!


I created an invite today (the 8th of October… I have to wait to actually post this until it’s available for sale, ha!), and it turned out SO WELL!


Um, YAH, see!  Adorable, right?!  The serif font in the middle is Austie Bost High Altitudes, in case you were wondering. ;) (free/personal, cost/professional)

To get this font, FREE for personal use, go to dafont.com!

To get this font, low-cost for professional use, go to fontspring.com!