21 September 2013

Austie Bost Take a Chance

A long, long time ago… this last January, to be exact… I created a cute font called “Austie Bost Blueberry Muffins.” Here’s the cover page for that font:


I was very proud of this font when I published it… well, I still am, but it was SUCH a novice font!  I opened this font yesterday and started playing with it… and… well… I started out just wanting to improve and update it, but ended up changing it altogether!

The new font is called Austie Bost Take a Chance!


You can see how it’s awfully similar, but the textures are different.  I also removed some of the front curls that made spacing Blueberry Muffins so difficult.  I also made cute little graphics to go along with the font!  I am hoping to have it up on Teachers Pay Teachers, but for whatever reason, I haven’t been able to post the images this morning.  NO worries!  I’ll post the link for that when it’s up.  In the meantime, if you’re DYING to have the graphics (because they’re stinking cute), just e-mail me at austinlowens at gmail dot com. 


Download Austie Bost Blueberry Muffins, FREE for personal use

To download Austie Bost Blueberry Muffins, for low-cost commercial use:

To download Austie Bost Take a Chance, for personal AND commercial use, for only ONE DOLLAR!, please visit fontspring.com!