19 August 2013

Austie Bost You Wear Flowers

Look!! It’s a new font!


This font marks a new milestone for me as a font artist/maker.  First, it is my first font family with more than one font (yayyy). As the graphic shows, the font is in hollow and in solid—let me know which you like more!

Second, I have ceased to pretend that the accented characters will magically space themselves. :) This means going back and re-kerning all of my previous fonts, lol!

If you’re interested in the music-spiration, here’s a youtube clip for you!

Love me some Peter Breinholt!

To download this font family, FREE for personal use, go to dafont.com!

To download this font family for low-cost professional use, go to fontspring.com!

To download the clipart for this font (shown below) for a small cost, go to teacherspayteachers.com!