04 August 2013

Austie Bost Rest of Our Lives

This is a font I am soooo excited to publish! My mom likes to help transcribe genealogy files, and sometimes they have really great handwriting samples… I traced some of the characters by hand, and other than getting a little swirlier (what can I say, I’m a swirly girl, lol), the invented characters that went with it, the lettering is very similar (but more legible) to those records.

Here’s some lettering inspiration:

My mom wanted to name the font “Austie Bost Romance,” but I couldn’t do that because I had a very cute font that I lettered for Kimberly Geswein called “Janda Romantic…” I hope she’ll be okay with the name change!  I wanted to surprise her with a published font before telling her.  :)


To download this font FREE for personal use, go HERE!  (Link forthcoming)

To download this font for a low-cost professional use, go HERE!