28 July 2013

Austie Bost Starlit Beach

In December, my sweetheart and I will have been married for TEN years!  Where has the time gone!  My husband named this font, and it’s to him I dedicate the hours of work that went into my first joined cursive font!


The silhouette is of my husband and me on our wedding day!  I just want to put in a plug for the digital images side of my business… if you’re interested in having your own silhouette (for any occasion!), please e-mail me!  austinlowens at gmail dot com.  They run $25 per image.*

You can download this font, FREE for personal use at THIS LINK!

You can download this font, inexpensive for professional use at THIS LINK!

*no revisions; but don’t worry, I’ll get it right the first time! :)