29 July 2013

Austie Bost Marketplace

While I wish our new baby would sleep on his own, I am secretly glad to have all of this time snuggling him… and while we snuggle, I watch movies, listen to music, study religion, and work on fonts.  :)  Right now I’m watching Hoosiers for the first time!  (Because you wanted to know, haha)


And hey, that Lemonade stand graphic?  Totally for sale!  Click HERE to purchase the lemonade stand AND the background paper!

To download Austie Bost Marketplace, FREE for personal use visit THIS LINK!

To download for low-cost professional use, visit THIS LINK!

28 July 2013

Austie Bost Starlit Beach

In December, my sweetheart and I will have been married for TEN years!  Where has the time gone!  My husband named this font, and it’s to him I dedicate the hours of work that went into my first joined cursive font!


The silhouette is of my husband and me on our wedding day!  I just want to put in a plug for the digital images side of my business… if you’re interested in having your own silhouette (for any occasion!), please e-mail me!  austinlowens at gmail dot com.  They run $25 per image.*

You can download this font, FREE for personal use at THIS LINK!

You can download this font, inexpensive for professional use at THIS LINK!

*no revisions; but don’t worry, I’ll get it right the first time! :)

26 July 2013

Austie Bost High Altitudes

EEK! I am having so much fun! Enjoy this new offering!

Free for personal use!  Download here!

Low-cost professional use!  Download here!

15 July 2013

04 July 2013

Austie Bost Cherry Cola

There’s FINALLY a new font to the Austie Bost collection!  Our new little guy is six weeks old and I have figured out how to juggle baby and laptop.  There is still a lot of one-handed typing and a million interruptions that mean fonts will be released more slowly, but “slow and steady wins the race,” right?


To download this font free for personal use, go to Dafont.com: Click here for the LINK.

To purchase this font for professional use, go to Fontspring.com: Click here for the LINK.  You can also contact me directly at austinlowens at gmail dot com for reasonable pricing, licensing, and payment info.

Pictures of the new baby will be here on the 16th of July, in conjunction with the monthly digi release!