20 November 2013

Austie Bost Serifina


I had a potential client talk to me about a font that was curly with a serif… and this is what I came up with!  A huge shout-out to my mom, who came up with the name “Serafina;” she’s a genius!  :D The actual NAME of the font, I switched the ‘a’ to an ‘i.’ Oh yes. :)  We like puns around here.  :)

To download this font for FREE, go to DaFont.com!

To download this font for low-cost professional use, go to Fontspring.com!

09 November 2013

Austie Bost Happy Holly

This font was so much fun to make!  I am getting excited for Christmas (yes, I know Thanksgiving has to happen first!), and I wanted to have something Christmassy for everyone to download!
Along with this, I have some super cute digital graphics and digital papers.  They’re perfect for the card and scrapbook crafter!


See!  Cute, right!  All of the capital letters and numbers have holly, and select lower case letters have holly, too.  If you get a chance to play with the accented characters, I especially love those!
And now, I’m happy to present some re-worked digis from my days working with Lori at Clear Dollar Stamps!  It’s perfect timing for Christmas!


Get the FONT, FREE for personal use at DAFONT.com

Get the FONT, low-cost for professional use at FONTSPRING.com

Get the DIGIS at TeachersPayTeachers.com!

14 October 2013

Austie Bost Toy Chest

I originally created Austie Bost Kitten Klub… my goodness, that was a while ago!


It has done really well… it had had consistent downloads and when things are quiet with my fonts, it’s always in the top two performers.  So it made sense to tweak the font and release it with a different name, with different features!  Therefore, I am happy to present Austie Bost Toy Chest!


It’s a super cute font with the look and feel of Kitten Klub, BUT the paw prints have been removed.  :)  My husband has given me instructions that I need to tweak this font one more time… we’ll see about that!  :)  I have a couple of ideas floating around up there!  :)

Now I have to hurry and post this… my baby just woke up and it’s time to sleep after we get him back to sleep!

The clipart is for sale at TeachersPayTeachers.com…

The font is FREE for personal use at Dafont.com… and

The font is available to purchase for commercial use at Fontspring.com!

08 October 2013

Austie Bost All My Love

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new font!  It turned out so well!  If you’ve wondered why it’s taken me so long to put out a new font, maybe the complexity of this font will answer that question.  :)  And maybe having an almost five-month-old baby has something to do with it, too, haha!


I created an invite today (the 8th of October… I have to wait to actually post this until it’s available for sale, ha!), and it turned out SO WELL!


Um, YAH, see!  Adorable, right?!  The serif font in the middle is Austie Bost High Altitudes, in case you were wondering. ;) (free/personal, cost/professional)

To get this font, FREE for personal use, go to dafont.com!

To get this font, low-cost for professional use, go to fontspring.com!

21 September 2013

Austie Bost Take a Chance

A long, long time ago… this last January, to be exact… I created a cute font called “Austie Bost Blueberry Muffins.” Here’s the cover page for that font:


I was very proud of this font when I published it… well, I still am, but it was SUCH a novice font!  I opened this font yesterday and started playing with it… and… well… I started out just wanting to improve and update it, but ended up changing it altogether!

The new font is called Austie Bost Take a Chance!


You can see how it’s awfully similar, but the textures are different.  I also removed some of the front curls that made spacing Blueberry Muffins so difficult.  I also made cute little graphics to go along with the font!  I am hoping to have it up on Teachers Pay Teachers, but for whatever reason, I haven’t been able to post the images this morning.  NO worries!  I’ll post the link for that when it’s up.  In the meantime, if you’re DYING to have the graphics (because they’re stinking cute), just e-mail me at austinlowens at gmail dot com. 


Download Austie Bost Blueberry Muffins, FREE for personal use

To download Austie Bost Blueberry Muffins, for low-cost commercial use:

To download Austie Bost Take a Chance, for personal AND commercial use, for only ONE DOLLAR!, please visit fontspring.com!

Austie Bost Chunkilicious

Okay, so I confess… I’ve already used this font so many times on my own personal projects!  I have had it made for at least two weeks, *laughing*.  Well, now I finally got it uploaded and available.


There are a few cute little Easter eggs found in the font… as you see above. ;) I didn’t make it all that hard to find!

Download FREE for personal use!

To download for low-cost commercial use: fontspring.com link coming!

20 August 2013

Austie Bost in Wonderland


This is a fun, whimsical font—it was born because I kept having problems with wanting to put curls into my fonts, but they’d hit letters unattractively, or they’d obscure a letter.  So I thought, why not put the swashes above and below the main body of letters? And then everything morphed from there!

To get this font FREE for personal use, go to dafont.com!

To get this font for low-cost professional use, go to fontspring.com!

19 August 2013

Austie Bost You Wear Flowers

Look!! It’s a new font!


This font marks a new milestone for me as a font artist/maker.  First, it is my first font family with more than one font (yayyy). As the graphic shows, the font is in hollow and in solid—let me know which you like more!

Second, I have ceased to pretend that the accented characters will magically space themselves. :) This means going back and re-kerning all of my previous fonts, lol!

If you’re interested in the music-spiration, here’s a youtube clip for you!

Love me some Peter Breinholt!

To download this font family, FREE for personal use, go to dafont.com!

To download this font family for low-cost professional use, go to fontspring.com!

To download the clipart for this font (shown below) for a small cost, go to teacherspayteachers.com!


07 August 2013


I don’t have a name yet for the next font, but letter editing is well underway!  What do you think!  Leave a comment if you have an idea for a name!


05 August 2013

Austie Bost Simple Simon

I originally inked this font for Kimberly Geswein fonts.  When I decided to make my own fonts, she sent the file back to me… and while I would have LOVED to have had another Janda font, I am SO EXCITED to present Simple Simon as an Austie Bost font!


It is so clean, right!  And it’s also super cute.  :)

To download Austie Bost Simple Simon, FREE for personal use, go to THIS WEBSITE!

To download Austie Bost Simple Simon, low-cost for professional use, go to THIS WEBSITE!

And see that adorable clipart?  It’s also for sale!  Here’s the cover page for Austie Bost Simple Simon Clipart!


To download these digis/clipart, please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers website!

04 August 2013

Austie Bost Rest of Our Lives

This is a font I am soooo excited to publish! My mom likes to help transcribe genealogy files, and sometimes they have really great handwriting samples… I traced some of the characters by hand, and other than getting a little swirlier (what can I say, I’m a swirly girl, lol), the invented characters that went with it, the lettering is very similar (but more legible) to those records.

Here’s some lettering inspiration:

My mom wanted to name the font “Austie Bost Romance,” but I couldn’t do that because I had a very cute font that I lettered for Kimberly Geswein called “Janda Romantic…” I hope she’ll be okay with the name change!  I wanted to surprise her with a published font before telling her.  :)


To download this font FREE for personal use, go HERE!  (Link forthcoming)

To download this font for a low-cost professional use, go HERE!

01 August 2013

Updated! Austie Bost Kitten Klub

Sometimes it takes a little while to get good at something… I’m not a font expert yet, but I am much better than when I began!  That means one thing: it’s time to back up and update the older fonts using my more mature understanding.  :)  So here it is… freshly updated, Austie Bost Kitten Klub!


Go get it!  FREE for personal use at THIS LINK!

Low-cost for personal use at THIS LINK!

Featured Font! Austie Bost Starlit Beach!

Look!!  There!  Right at the bottom!  It’s Austie Bost Starlit Beach, all right! Go visit the blog of the gal who made this cute graphic HERE!  And go download my font after that at Dafont (free for personal use), or at Fontspring (for low-price professional use)!


29 July 2013

Austie Bost Marketplace

While I wish our new baby would sleep on his own, I am secretly glad to have all of this time snuggling him… and while we snuggle, I watch movies, listen to music, study religion, and work on fonts.  :)  Right now I’m watching Hoosiers for the first time!  (Because you wanted to know, haha)


And hey, that Lemonade stand graphic?  Totally for sale!  Click HERE to purchase the lemonade stand AND the background paper!

To download Austie Bost Marketplace, FREE for personal use visit THIS LINK!

To download for low-cost professional use, visit THIS LINK!

28 July 2013

Austie Bost Starlit Beach

In December, my sweetheart and I will have been married for TEN years!  Where has the time gone!  My husband named this font, and it’s to him I dedicate the hours of work that went into my first joined cursive font!


The silhouette is of my husband and me on our wedding day!  I just want to put in a plug for the digital images side of my business… if you’re interested in having your own silhouette (for any occasion!), please e-mail me!  austinlowens at gmail dot com.  They run $25 per image.*

You can download this font, FREE for personal use at THIS LINK!

You can download this font, inexpensive for professional use at THIS LINK!

*no revisions; but don’t worry, I’ll get it right the first time! :)

15 July 2013

04 July 2013

Austie Bost Cherry Cola

There’s FINALLY a new font to the Austie Bost collection!  Our new little guy is six weeks old and I have figured out how to juggle baby and laptop.  There is still a lot of one-handed typing and a million interruptions that mean fonts will be released more slowly, but “slow and steady wins the race,” right?


To download this font free for personal use, go to Dafont.com: Click here for the LINK.

To purchase this font for professional use, go to Fontspring.com: Click here for the LINK.  You can also contact me directly at austinlowens at gmail dot com for reasonable pricing, licensing, and payment info.

Pictures of the new baby will be here on the 16th of July, in conjunction with the monthly digi release!

29 January 2013

New Font! Austie Bost In a Rush Font


Hurray for new fonts!  This one was a quick, over-the-weekend font.  Seriously, it was that easy!  I love how it turned out and honestly am very surprised because other fonts (including some that I’m STILL working on, that haven’t yet been released) have taken FOR.EVER.AND.A.DAY. and still don’t look like I want them to.  But this was zip, zap, DONE and it looks great!  It’s nice because I have been a little… worried?  uptight?  lol  that all of my fonts would take years to complete!

Anyhow.  Go download this baby!  It’s a really great handwriting font that’s versatile!

Free for personal use: http://www.dafont.com/austie-bost-in-a-rush.font

Pay for professional use: http://www.fontspring.com/foundry/austi-bost-fonts

(By the way!  Those shoes?  So cute, right?  I have a digi pack coming out, planned for March, featuring the shoes + shoe outlines + quotes + papers—I’m very excited!!)

25 January 2013

Austie Bost Blueberry Muffins Font!

This is my newest font, all ready to be downloaded!  You can have so much fun with this super legible, super cute font! You can download, free for personal use, at dafont.com, or for commercial use, at fontspring.com!

I want to offer a HUGE thanks to Vanessa Bays (http://www.dafont.com/vanessa-bays.d4324) for her help and advice for this font!  I was really stressed out and she jumped right in and saved the day!  Thanks, Vanessa!!

04 January 2013

Austie Bost Kitten Klub

Annnnnd, here it is!  This has been in project mode for at least six months!  I originally sent the Kitten Klub font to my friend Kimberly, but when I went out on my own in November, she sent the incomplete file back to me.  :)  Thanks, Kimberly!!

Spacing has been a BEAST on this font!!!  (Not just this font, either!  Anybody with advice regarding metrics versus kerning… just feel free to join the conversation ANY. TIME.)  If you have spacing comments or suggestions, PLEASE let me know!

A SPECIAL thanks to my friend DesirĂ©e for her freely-given advice on spacing early on—it’s because of her that the font has some breathing room between characters!



Free for personal use at Dafont.com!

Soon to be available for commercial use.  :)