28 November 2012

Font Licensing Information

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for my attempt to explain licensing in "Plain English!"

Creative Commons License
Austiebost Fonts by Austin Owens is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at austiebost.net.

You can find my fonts for free personal use at
* dafont.com

You can find my fonts for commercial use at
* fontspring.com
* Directly through Paypal through this link

Plain English Licensing... or my ATTEMPT to explain it.  This is to IN NO WAY replace the legalese that you can find at Fontspring.com- they have all of my licensing details listed on each font.  :)  (The licensing details in legalese is found 2/3 down, under the image, under "Similar Fonts.")

***ONE.  If you are making money, or trying to make money, while using my font, it's considered COMMERCIAL use.  Otherwise, it's PERSONAL use.

***TWO.  Personal use!  There are too many personal uses to possibly name, but I want to throw a couple out there that are commonly questioned.

First, if you're a NOT-FOR-PROFIT business, I like to approve each license.  Please contact me at (austinlowens@gmail.com) with a description of your non-profit.  To date, I have never turned anyone down for a free license!  There are a few things I would rather my product NOT be used on is the reason for my preference.  :)

Second, if you're a TEACHER, or a SCHOOL DISTRICT/CLUSTER, You can ABSOLUTELY use ANY and ALL of my fonts free of cost for school use!  Now, if you're a teacher, school district, individual who is creating stuff to sell to others for use, it's commercial.  :)

***THREE.  Commercial use.  I try to keep my fonts reasonably priced.  There are several different KINDS of licenses!

1) DESKTOP license.  This is if you want to open a program on your computer and use the font in a program... Word, Adobe products (including Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.), etc. are fine.  You CAN'T change my font in any way!!!   That's against the rules!  This includes altering my font file and selling it as an ANDROID font creation!  Ill.eee.gal.  GENERALLY speaking, my PRINT fonts run $10, and my CURSIVE fonts are between $15-35 (depending on degree of difficulty, honestly).  Check the price out specifically at Fontspring- it has the most up-to-date pricing listed there at all times.

2) WEB license.  This is exclusively available through Fontspring.  This is html code that refers back to Fontspring so you can use my fonts in programming web script. The web license GENERALLY runs HALF of what a desktop license costs... and many of my customers purchase both kinds.

3) eBOOK license.  This is a fee SEPARATE from the Desktop license.  If you're creating an eBOOK, the license is GENERALLY the SAME as the Desktop license.  If you're writing an eBook with my font, or using my font within your eBook, you should probably purchase both a desktop and an eBook license.

4) APPLICATION license.  "There's an app for that!"  :)  The App license GENERALLY runs 10x the amount of the desktop license.  Yep, that license is expensive.

5) CUSTOM licensing

So, for practical purposes, Austie Bost Descriptions, as of today... the Desktop license is $10.  The Web license is $5.  The eBook license is $10, and the App license is $100.