24 October 2012

I Am Happy to Announce…

…that I am going to be doing my own fonts!

This is the final release of Janda fonts from Kimberly Geswein!  I love her, and I have LOVED working with her!  Inking fonts is one of my favorite pastimes, and Kimberly has worked magic with everything I have given her. 


Isn’t it GORGEOUS?  The original that I sent her was lovely, but it was a concept.  When Kimberly was done with the digital surgery, this is what it looked like, and it is the PERFECT font to celebrate our collaboration end.

Go to Kimberly’s Website (CLICK HERE) for information on how to download this font!

Now, starting late December, early January, you can start watching for my new line of Austie Bost Fonts!  There are so many gorgeous concepts waiting for the font editor program that will be mine by the end of November!  I can’t wait!