29 July 2014

State Themed Flash Cards - A New Way to Souvenir!

Lookit, lookit!!  My gal Ashley made these adorable flash cards featuring Austie Bost Wibbly!  She is promoting her project--go take a look!  (California and Poppy are written in Wibbly.)


It's a great project!

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25 June 2014

Austie Bost Versailles

Look!!  A new font!!  I am happy to release Austie Bost Versailles!  I'm tempted to stop writing anything about the new fonts I release because I end up gushing with each one.  :)  But I fall in love with each of my fonts as I create them... So gush I will!  And here's the poster as I shush.  :)

This is my favorite feature of this new font!  Swash away by using the ¯¬ strokes! (U+00AC & U+00AF)

01 June 2014

Working, working, working.....

I am very excited about a number of fonts in the works... right now, right this minute, I'm working on sorting some calligraphy samples to make a new connected calligraphy font.....  we shall see how long it takes!  This is what a font "embryo" looks like in the very early stages...

Find samples I like... draw them out in Illustrator... sort everything... fill in the gaps... :

Comments?  What do you think about some of the samples?

18 May 2014

Austie Bost Chunky Description

Here's the newest font in the Austie Bost font collection!  It's called Austie Bost Chunky Description:

It's great for labeling, just like Austie Bost Descriptions... only it's chunky!  :)

I guess this is where I leave you with links to go get it!  :D

To purchase a low-cost pro/commercial license, visit Fontspring.com!

To get this font FREE for personal use, visit DaFont.com!

01 May 2014

Austie Bost Descriptions

Happy May Day!

I am posting my newest font, Austie Bost Descriptions!  It's a great font, and definitely adds to the Austie Bost Font family.  :)

It's great for that under-the-title description (hence the name)!

It's also perfect for labeling projects:

And it's good for sharing recipes:

So go get it already!